Parent Link

Down Syndrome Limerick

We know that when a new parent or expectant parent receives a diagnosis of Down Syndrome it can be difficult to take in such unexpected news and if you are like most parents you will have little idea of what Down Syndrome will mean to your child and family. We also understand that the feelings of joy at having your new baby may be mixed with a wide range of emotions such as shock and anxiety. These emotions are normal in the circumstances. You will also have questions that you need answers to. We are here to help.

Parent Link is a support and information service for parents of kids with Down Syndrome. It is a service run entirely on a voluntary basis by a Parent who is familiar with the feelings and reactions associated with having a child with Down Syndrome in the family. Our Parent Link person can also meet with you to offer support and will try to answer questions you may find difficult to ask of others. This service is confidential and aims to provide a listening ear for new parents.