Please read the conditions of entry before signing up for the event:

  1. The event is not a race.
  2. Please remember that roads will NOT be closed for the event. Roads will be OPEN to traffic and other road users.
  3. All participants must obey the rules of the road during the event.Participants must obey the instructions of the Gardaí, and event marshals at all times.All participants are responsible for their own safety.
  4. All participants must wear protective helmets whilst riding the event.
  5. Each participant is responsible for determining their own fitness to participate in the event, and the suitability of their bicycle for the event.
  6. The entry fee is non refundable.  An entry for the 2022 Three Counties Cycle can only be used for the 2022 Three Counties Cycle and cannot be rolled over to a future edition of the event.
  7. In the event of adverse weather conditions the organisers have the right to alter the route on the day of the event.
  8. Photographs of the event may be taken on the day by representatives of Three Counties Cycle.Photographers from print & online media organizations may be present to capture the event for their own publications. By signing up to the event, you are agreeing that your photographs may be used on social media, the Three Counties Cycle website.If you wish for any particular photograph to be removed after the fact, please get in touch using the form below.Three Counties Cycle will only be able to remove photographs from the Three Counties Cycle Twitter, Facebook and Instagram social media sites plus the ThreeCountiesCycle website.For all other platforms, you must reach out to the owner of that platform.
  9. 100% of your entrance fee goes to Down Syndrome Limerick.This means that €40 per entrant goes to Down Syndrome Limerick.If a Cycling Ireland license is required, the additional €10 for this license goes to Cycling Ireland.Three Counties Cycle partner, Eventmaster, registration charges are added to the entrance fee when booking and must be paid by the participant.


If you have any queries about the event contact us here: